Thank you for downloading free trial of PhpED!

Your download should begin shortly. If you are experiencing problems with the download please use this direct link to download 32bit version of PhpED. If you have 64bit OS, you may want to download 64bit version of the product from this direct link.

You are about to see the power of real PHP IDE! Would you like to know what to look for?
  • Be sure to check out New Features in PhpED - and of course look at the rest of the features and PHP tools
  • By all means - debug your PHP code with the best and the most secure PHP Debugger - the only php debugger giving you the option to encrypt all communications with 128-bit encryption (use debugger.ssl=2 directive in php.ini)
  • Go to Tools->Settings and see just how flexible PhpED is. You can even set the color and position of Code Folding Mask!
  • And so much more ...
Absolute majority of our users tell us that they buy PhpED because:
  • It is very fast, fully configurable and highly intelligent IDE. Make sure to check out PHP Code Completion in PhpED
  • It has famous DBG PHP Debugger, written and owned by NuSphere. You can debug your scripts locally and remotely, on virtually all of the platforms from Linux to Mac OSX and Windows. Don't forget to use our dbg-wizard helper if you are planning to do remote debugging of the scripts executed by Apache or IIS
  • It is the only PHP IDE with built in SSH and Telnet Terminals and many other integrated tools
  • It has native Windows interface, docking tabs, editor with code folding supported and endless number of features and PHP tools
  • Some customers simply fall in love with flash demos and purchase PhpED without even running the trial.

We never disappointed anybody - we aren't going to start with you either. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Our techsupport and Forums are all available to you.

Happy PHP-ing,
NuSphere Team.

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Who is using our tools
Who is using our tools
Who is using our tools
Who is using our tools