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PHP Smarty Modifiers

Smarty modifiers allow you apply formatting techniques within a template. This saves you from having to apply the formatting within the PHP code, further separating presentation from code and ensuring a more consistent look. A php smarty modifier is most often applied to variables, but can be applied to literal text or functions as well. To apply a modifier to a variable, follow the variable's name with the pipe (|), then the name of the modifier:
Modifiers can even be chained together:
The modifiers will be applied in order from left to right. If a modifier accepts additional parameters, follow the modifier name with a colon, then the parameter:
Smarty supports the ability to use any PHP function as a modifier. You can even create your own modifiers using plugins.

Changing Case

Click for full image of the modifier result
The "capitalize" modifier will capitalize the first letter in a value. The "lower" modifier will make the entire value lowercase; "upper" will make it all uppercase. The image at right shows the result if you change the template in the sample instructions to
Name: {$name|upper} 

Address: {$address|upper}


The "cat" modifier appends a literal string, passed as a parameter, to the value.
{$var|cat:' also print this'}

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