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Ajax PHP Debugging with DBG PHP Debugger

At this point you should have your Ajax and PHP XOAD framework set in PhpED's Project. If you don't - please read Ajax PHP Project part of this tutorial. You can now learn about the design of Ajax PHP frameworks with PhpED's PHP Debugger.

How to run Ajax based PHP in debugger

If you look at the source of the output generated by index.php you will see plenty of JavaScript code. This figure shows how this source can be seen in PhpED's PHP Viewer Ajax PHP Source
To find out which calls to XOAD generated this JavaScript:
  • Open index.php in PHP Editor
  • Select Run in Debugger button on PhpED ToolBar (F9)
  • Open Output window of PHP Debugger. As you step through the lines of code you will see that JavaScript is generated by the call to XOAD_Client::register( new FirstClass())
Ajax PHP JavaScript Source
If you want to see the source for XOAD_Client::register method, simply place the cursor on the the call to XOAD_Client::register and select Find Declaration (Shift+F12) on the popup menu.
PHP IDE will open the source for the method in the editor.
Ajax PHP Find Source

How to debug Ajax server side calls to PHP

Ajax is used to make server side calls to PHP scripts. As you can guess typical Ajax PHP Framework like XOAD implements the mechanism for such calls and hides the details of the implementation from the application. But you still need to debug the methods of your PHP classes on the back end. How can you make the program stop when your back end class method is called from Ajax? With DBG PHP Debugger this becomes a simple task:
  • Place a call to DebugBreak() function in the method
  • Run the script.
  • When Ajax makes the call to your method, PHP Debugger will stop the execution
Ajax PHP Break
As you can see on the figure above PHP Debugger helps you learn everything about the way your back end method is called. You can:
  • See the values assigned to the variables
  • Change the values of the variables on the fly right in the debugger window
  • Look at the call back of your method and open the calling methods and classes by simply double clicking on the stack
Ajax PHP Call Stack

In this tutorial you learned how to take advantage of PhpED debugger features to greatly reduce the time spent on learning how PHP Frameworks work. Additional technical information is available from the NuSphere Forum. Download a free trial of our PHP IDE with PHP Code completion today!

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