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NuSphere PhpED - New Features

PhpED 12.0 expands the set of the features added in Version 11 of the PHP IDE and also delivers the 64 bit version of the IDE to take full advantage of 64 bit Windows available there. While Code Insight and debugging are provided for virtually all frameworks, Version 12.0 also added CakePhp, Joomla and CodeIgniter to the list of MVC frameworks with the additional level of support in Frameworks tab.

PhpED 12.0 and 11.0 bring to PHP IDE the whole new level of support for PHP Frameworks and also push remote debugging capabilities to yet another frontier with remote debugging of CLI Scripts.

Support for PHP Frameworks. Frameworks have always been supported in PhpED but with v12.0 the user can specify the framework used in the project using Project Properties -> Code Insight > PHP Frameworks. On this tab the user can specify the framework, point to the folder with the source files and unleash the whole power of PhpED Code Insight with Code Completion, Code folding etc.

Mapping PHP Frameworks controller to a URL. With PhpED 12.0 the user working with PHP MVC Frameworks can set the mapping between a controller script and URL to be used to launch the request and start debugging. IDE allows to use regular expressions and macros like @Controller@/@Action@/@ArgVals/@

Remote CLI Scripts debugging. The changes made to Tools->settings->Run & debug reflect new features delivered in v12 - remote debugging of cli scripts. You can now do Run->CLI or Run->HTTP

Full support for PHP 5.5 - now including new syntax constructs introduced in PHP 5.5 including try-finally, yield and ::class

PHP IDE 64 bit version. To take the full advantage of 64bit Windows System 64 bit version of PhpED is also now available with version 12 builds

Faster launch of PHP IDE and faster Editor. Almost assumed now, with each release PhpED - already arguably the fastest PHP Editor on the market, gets faster, even when working with projects consisting of 1000s of files

Simplifying Debugger settings. We removed DbgListener icon and all User Interface is now consolidated in Tools->settings->run & debug

Support for debugging on ARM platforms starting with ARMv5 and up to ARMv7

PhpED 12 is a major point release for NuSphere. It continues the tradition of innovation in PHP IDE features and brings the whole set of new PHP Tools.

More of a Detailed view on What's New in PhpED 12.0

Working with PHP Frameworks.
PHP MVC Framework in PHP IDE
Adding to the existing Frameworks support in PhpED v1.0 the user can specify the framework used in the project using Project Properties -> Code Insight -> PHP Framework. Using this tab the user can specify the framework and PHP Framework folder. Code Completion, Code folding etc. Phped uses the knowledge of the Php Frameworks to provide excellent code insight - including Code Completion, Code folding, function call cue and find declaration. In case of MVC framework PhpEd finds the view(s) for the current controller and displays them as a list under the editor. PHP IDE switches between the corresponding files when the user clicks on different views in the list. Check out the list all of PHP Frameworks supported in PhpED

Further simplification of Debugger settings and Remote Debugging CLI scripts.
Version 12.0 comes with a great simplifications of the debugger settings in general. The users will find 3 clear options in Project Properties -> Run & Debug
  • Srv Local Server. Use this option to use PhpED's light weight built in web server Srv. PhpED uses Root directory of the project as the Web Server Root
  • Local Server. Use this option to execute your scripts using 3rd party web server (e.g. Apache or IIS) running on the same machine as PhpED.
  • Remote Server. Use this option when the project scripts are executed and debugged on the remote server
Each of the options now supports debugging of CLI scripts in addition to PHP on the Web Server. To specify whether you want to run Web Server or CLI simply select the corresponding option from Run menu

Full Support for PHP 5.5.
PHP 5.5 syntax support in IDE
Previous versions of PhpED already supported debugging and Code Insight for PHP 5.5, however PhpED v12.0 provides full coverage for new syntax constructs such as generators

Features introduced in previous version

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