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NuSphere PhpED - New Features

PhpED Version 14.0 offers another break through in debugging and profiling of PHP applications. With the introduction of PHP Memory profiler the users of PHP IDE can deal with PHP Frameworks applications that require 128MB for base install.

PHP Memory Profiler
New, unique type of profiling - PHP Memory profile. Modern PHP applications can be memory hogs, especially with the popularity of Big Data. Loading whole table in memory might b a good idea at the first stages of a project but become a source of HTTP 500 when the number of records in the table grows to millions. PhpED's PHP memory profiler will give you a clear picture of memory consumption in each of the modules, function and method calls, both in the body of the function/method call and in the calls made from it. The results are available both in the tables (columns Memory and Memory with Children) and the chart, sortable in many ways.

PHP Profiler with calls
Existing PHP Line profiler also got better! More accurate time computing taking into account prolog and epilog of PHP Function - and of course, the most visible new feature: Time with children - separate counting of the time spent in the function/method/module itself and the time spent in the code called from it.

Memory profiler tracks the peak of memory consumption and displays the line/function/method where it happens in blue

PHP Profiler Core Functions
PHP Profiler doesn't stop there - it now shows time spent and memory consumed in core PHP functions as well

Support for SCSS files. More and more embraced by the industry "Sassy SCSS" is fully supported in our PHP Editor. Everything you come to expect from PhpED's code intelisense is there including: syntax highliting, code completion, jump to declaration, function call tooltip, structures displayed in code navigator and highliting of syntax errors

Newest standards for CSS3 and HTML5. Even though both CSS3 and HTML5 are still drafts we are keeping up with the changes in both of the standards. PhpED 14.0 comes with full support for the latest in CSS3 and HTML5

Features introduced in previous version

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