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NuSphere PhpED - New Features

Nusphere PhpED 6.2

PhpED 6.2 fulfils the request for the ability to test the projects in PHP IDE. Seamless integration with about phpUnit - top notch PHP testing tool allows PhpED users to configure , generate and execute test suites with one click of a button. Add on new important PHP Debugger enhancements and you'll see that PhpED 6.2 is a must have on your desktop.

New in PhpED 6.2

PEAR and phpUnit installer
PhpED 6.2 is a full featured PHP Editor/IDE providing support for all of your development needs. New version provides support for one click install of PEAR and phpUnit packages. Simply go to Tools->Settings external tools

PHP Debugger triggered on Errors and Exceptions
NuSphere's PHP Debugger provided in all versions of the IDE is one of the top three reasons why PHP developers buy PhpED. New version of PhpED adds the ability to automatically break the script into a debugging session when PHP Error or PHP Exceptions occur during the execution. Learn more about thes and other features of PHP Debugger

Fast Loading/Unloading of Workspaces with auto update
PhpED 6.2 comes with fast loading of Workspaces and automatic update of the Workspaces for the changes made in files both inside and outside of PHP Editor/IDE

phpUnit integration with PHP IDE
Testing PHP scripts with phpUnit is a matter of a couple button clicks in PhpED.
Only with NuSphere PHP IDE you can:
  • See the entire list of tests in active project
  • Selectively execute tests - you can choose to run all, selected or tests tagged with @author or @group
  • Display the tests results in a tree
  • Store tests results with a Project
  • Keep a history of the tests runs
  • Install and check the installation of phpUnit with the IDE
  • Get phpUnit installed and working right out of the box when you install PhpED
  • Use GUI to set all of the config options supported in phpUnit
Learn more about phpUnit in PhpED

Features introduced in previous version

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