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Ajax and PHP

Ajax PHP frameworks can be very helpful if you understand how to work with them. The problem is that learning curve can be pretty steep and time spent on figuring out how client side Ajax code is generated by PHP can make the project simply cost prohibitive. In this tutorial you will learn how NuSphere PhpED's PHP Debugger can ease the pain of learning undocumented PHP code. We will take a look at XOAD. XOAD - formerly known as NAJAX, is a AJAX/XAP object oriented framework for PHP that allows you to create richer Web applications. As many other PHP Ajax frameworks, XOAD is great but not well documented. You can download it from SourceForge ( and once you do and unzip it you will see a bunch of PHP classes sitting in different directories, implementing server side methods and client side functionality of XOAD. How does it all work though?

One of the directories packaged in XOAD distribution is bound to catch your attention, because it is called docs and has a subdirectory called tutorials. The first of 3 tutorials shows how to plug in a simple PHP class in XOAD PHP Ajax framework. We will use the example in given in this tutorial to debug and understand some of PHP and Ajax calls made by XOAD.

We broke this tutorial in two parts:
  • You will learn how to setup a simple PHP Project to run Ajax and PHP based code in PHP IDE in the Ajax PHP Project part of the tutorial
Ajax PHP in PHP Debugger

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