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Debugging PHP on various platforms

This directory contains debugger modules for various platforms.

See installation instructions at

The following table describes the supported server configurations and locations of corresponding dbg modules. Please select the dbg module applicable to your platform.

Operating SystemBitness and CPURequirementsArchive or LocationDirectory insideComments
Linuxx86, 32glibc >= 2.17dbg-12.0.14-Linux.tar.gzx86 
Linuxx86, 64glibc >= 2.17dbg-12.0.14-Linux.tar.gzx86_646
Linuxarm, 32glibc >= 2.13dbg-12.0.14-Linux.tar.gzarmv63
Linuxarm, 64glibc >= 2.28dbg-12.0.14-Linux.tar.gzaarch648
Linuxx86, 32TS glibc >= 2.17dbg-12.0.14-Linux.tar.gzx86_TS 
Linuxx86, 64TS glibc >= 2.17dbg-12.0.14-Linux.tar.gzx86_64_TS6
Linuxarm, 32TS glibc >= 2.13dbg-12.0.14-Linux.tar.gzarmv6_TS3
Linuxarm, 64TS glibc >= 2.28dbg-12.0.14-Linux.tar.gzaarch64_TS8
Windowsx86, 32TS, VC9 Windows\x86_VC9 1, 4
Windowsx86, 32NTS, VC9 Windows\x86_NTS_VC9 2, 4
Windowsx86, 32TS, VC11 Windows\x86_VC11 1, 5
Windowsx86, 32NTS, VC11Windows\x86_NTS_VC11 2, 5
Windowsx86, 32TS, VC14 Windows\x86_VC14 1, 9
Windowsx86, 32NTS, VC14 Windows\x86_NTS_VC14 2, 9
Windowsx86, 32TS, VC15 Windows\x86_VC15 1, 10
Windowsx86, 32NTS, VC15 Windows\x86_NTS_VC15 2, 10
Windowsx86, 32TS, VS16 Windows\x86_VC15 1, 11
Windowsx86, 32NTS, VS16 Windows\x86_NTS_VC15 2, 11
Windowsx86, 64TS, VC9 Windows\x86_64_VC9 1, 4
Windowsx86, 64NTS, VC9 Windows\x86_64_NTS_VC9 2, 4
Windowsx86, 64TS, VC11 Windows\x86_64_VC11 1, 5
Windowsx86, 64NTS, VC11Windows\x86_64_NTS_VC11 2, 5
Windowsx86, 64TS, VC14 Windows\x86_64_VC14 1, 9
Windowsx86, 64NTS, VC14 Windows\x86_64_NTS_VC14 2, 9
Windowsx86, 64TS, VC15 Windows\x86_64_VC15 1, 10
Windowsx86, 64NTS, VC15 Windows\x86_64_NTS_VC15 2, 10
Windowsx86, 64TS, VS16 Windows\x86_64_VC15 1, 11
Windowsx86, 64NTS, VS16 Windows\x86_64_NTS_VC15 2, 11
FreeBSDx86, 32v.13 or higherdbg-12.0.14-FreeBSD.tar.gzx86 
FreeBSDx86, 64v.13 or higherdbg-12.0.14-FreeBSD.tar.gzx86_646
FreeBSDx86, 32TS v.13 or higherdbg-12.0.14-FreeBSD.tar.gzx86_TS 
FreeBSDx86, 64TS v.13 or higherdbg-12.0.14-FreeBSD.tar.gzx86_64_TS6
Sun (solaris)x86, 32v.11 or higherdbg-12.0.14-SunOS.tar.gzx86 
Sun (solaris)x86, 64v.11 or higherdbg-12.0.14-SunOS.tar.gzx86_646
Sun (solaris)x86, 32TS v.11 or higherdbg-12.0.14-SunOS.tar.gzx86_TS 
Sun (solaris)x86, 64TS v.11 or higherdbg-12.0.14-SunOS.tar.gzx86_64_TS6
NetBSDx86, 32v.8 or higherdbg-12.0.14-NetBSD.tar.gzx86 
NetBSDx86, 64v.8 or higherdbg-12.0.14-NetBSD.tar.gzx86_646
NetBSDx86, 32TS v.8 or higherdbg-12.0.14-NetBSD.tar.gzx86_TS 
NetBSDx86, 64TS v.8 or higherdbg-12.0.14-NetBSD.tar.gzx86_64_TS6
OpenBSDx86, 32v.7.2 or higherdbg-12.0.14-OpenBSD.tar.gzx86 
OpenBSDx86, 64v.7.2 or higherdbg-12.0.14-OpenBSD.tar.gzx86_646
OpenBSDx86, 32TS v.7.2 or higherdbg-12.0.14-OpenBSD.tar.gzx86_TS 
OpenBSDx86, 64TS v.7.2 or higherdbg-12.0.14-OpenBSD.tar.gzx86_64_TS6
Mac OSX32/64v.19.4 or higherdbg-12.0.14-MacOSX.tar.gzuniversal7
Mac OSX32/64TS v.19.4 or higherdbg-12.0.14-MacOSX.tar.gzuniversal TS7


  • TS stands for php compiled with thread-safety turned on (see phpinfo output to make sure if you run php with this option)
  • NTS stands for php compiled with thread-safety option turned off (see phpinfo output to make sure if you run php with this option)
  • armv7-a-hf means support for all major 32bit ARM platforms starting with ARMv6 and higher: ARM11, CortexM0-CortexM4, CortexR4-CortexR7, Cortex-A5, -A7, -A8, -A9, -A12, -A15 etc
  • VC9 means that php is compiled with MS Visual Studio 2008 runtime library (msvcr90.dll is in the dependencies)
  • VC11 means that php is compiled with MS Visual Studio 2012 runtime library (msvcr110.dll is in the dependencies)
  • In case of 64bit hardware, please make sure that installed php is also 64bit, otherwise you need 32bit debugger modules even though the hardware is 64bit.
  • Universal binaries for Mac OSX platforms include x86 and x86 64 built-in modules
  • aarch64 means support for all major 64bit ARM platforms (ARMv8+): -A53, -A57, -A72 etc
  • VC14 means that php is compiled with MS Visual Studio 2015 runtime library
  • VC15 means that php is compiled with MS Visual Studio 2017 runtime library
  • VS16 means that php is compiled with MS Visual Studio 2019 runtime library

PhpED comes with pre-configured embedded web server only. If you need to debug php scripts with Apache or IIS you have to install debugger module manually. Alternatively, you may want to install TechPlatform product which includes Apache, Perl, PHP and php Debugger.

See site for products and updates.

Modules for other platforms and/or php versions may be provided upon request.

See installation instructions here.

If you have any questions or encountered problems, do not hesitate to contact us at

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