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HTML Editor tools in PHP IDE

PhpED provides full array of HTML editor tools. Our IDE comes with WYSIWYG features for HTML elements and tags, full support for Dynamic Syntax Highlighting Flash Demo, Multiple Language Syntax Highlighting Flash Demo of HTML and other languages and other Editor Tools.

There are also specific features designed to provide for the most productive HTML Editing.

HTML Code tree in Code Navigator

Code Navigator provides the way to navigate through PHP and HTML code easily. You can select HTML tab to see the display of the entire tree of HTML tags of your document and their attributes. Clicking on each tag will place the cursor on that tag in the source. Learn more about HTML Code Navigator

HTML Preview tab

When you are working on an HTML file in the Editor you are just one click away from seeing the results of your work - at any stage of work. You can select HTML Preview tab of the editor and see how the file will be rendered in the browser. For example, see how the file shown in the editor is displayed in preview. HTML Preview

HTML code completion and code folding

PhpED's Code Completion is working for you whether you are editing PHP or HTML code. Code hints are provided for both tags and tag's attributes. Other great PHP and HTML Editor features are PHP Code Folding and HTML Code Folding. Please see the illustrations of HTML Code completion and HTML Code folding. Code Completion

The full array of PHP and HTML tools can be configured and customized to your liking under Tools->Settings menu of NuSphere's PhpED. You can Learn more about PHP Tools and download free trial of PHP IDE

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