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PHP Editor/IDE with FTP, SFTP and Samba

FTP, SFTP, Windows Share(Samba) and WebDAV are the most common protocols used to publish PHP or other files on remote servers. Publishing your files wouldn't be fun if you had to switch from your PHP IDE every time when you need to upload or download file or files. This is why PhpED gives you the tools to develop, debug and deploy your applications. All versions of PhpED come with publishing tools. But there are also very special publishing features available in PhpED Professional edition:

  • PhpED provides SFTP - Secure File Transfer Protocol in addition to regular FTP and WebDav.
  • PhpED has the FASTEST SFTP implementation!
  • You can upload the entire folder with one click of a button.
  • With PhpED's Smart synch feature you don't even need to think about which files are changed - PhpED will figure it out for you and upload or download only modified files. It even provides a side by side file differences view.
  • PHP Editor FTP
  • All publishing is done using the background publishing queue and never interferes with your PHP editing. You can select the file, the folder or the entire Project, select upload (or download) and go right back to the PHP Editor - PhpED will queue up selected files and send them to the server all in a separate thread.
  • You have the full flexibility to exclude/include the whole branches of the project from publishing and set remote servers for your PHP applications deployment in one project. PhpED also provides flexibility to set additional mapping for Project directories
  • PHP IDE Deployment
  • You set separate remote folders for publishing of different folders of your local PhpED project. PhpED also allows you to set multiple publishing targets in each Project and switch between them as needed.
  • PhpED supports allow and deny filters at the project or folder level
  • Full support for publishing using Windows Share/Samba/SMB

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