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Nu-Coder 3.0 PHP Encoder - New Features

Full support for encoding of PHP 5.3 files

Nu-Coder 3.0 provides maximum compatibility with PHP versions starting with PHP 4.3 and all now the way up to PHP 5.3. As new versions of PHP come out so will new upgrades to Nu-Coder available to current customers of NuSphere PHP encoder. Corresponding version of PhpExpress - NuSphere PHP Accelerator and Loader supports acceleration and loading of PHP 5.3 files both encoded and open sourced.

Other NuSphere products also come with full support for PHP 5.3 - including PHP IDE and PHP Deployment solution

Easy to use highly intuitive Graphical User Interface

While protecting PHP files with Nu-Coder's Command Line Interface has always been available on all supported Operating Systems, starting with Nu-Coder 3.0 PHP developers will enjoy fast and user friendly GUI allowing them to encode the entire project with one click of a menu button.

As with the previous versions, Graphical User Interface to Nu-Coder 3.0 is also available in PhpED - NuSphere's PHP IDE
Encode PHP GUI

Multi leveled Obfuscation

Obfuscation available in Nu-Coder 3.0 will not only replace the names of the variables, but also the names of the functions, method in objects and the scripts. Nu-Coder is a true PHP Encoder converting the source into byte codes not readable by a human and also providing the maximum execution speed. With this additional multilevel obfuscation you can have a peace of mind sending your code to the customers.

Features introduced in previous version

Please visit this page to see all features introduced with Nu-Coder 2.0

Learn about full set of the features available in Nu-Coder - NuSphere's PHP Encoder and find out how you can be protecting PHP files. Find out how Nu-Coder is different from other PHP Encoding products and buy Nu-Coder today or download a FREE trial of Nu-Coder today.

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