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PhpED on Mac/Linux

PHP IDE For Mac OS and Linux with Parallels

NuSphere PhpED - is the PHP IDE of choice for thousands of PHP developers working on Windows. Remote debugging of PHP scripts on any platform is also supported in PhpED Professional. Our Mac and Linux users can now run PhpED on their Operating Systems - the feature made possible through Nusphere's partnership with Parallels. Another option available for Mac and Linux users is running NuSphere PHP IDE on Mac and Linux with Wine.

Parallels emulates hardware instead of software, using capabilities of modern Intel-based processors as well as AMD processors thus providing for virtually no performance degradation. Parallels Virtual Desktop makes PhpED and other PHP Tools available for Mac and Linux users. PHP IDE On Mac

PHP Editor for Mac and Linux

Parallels Virtual Desktop enables our Mac and Linux users to take the full advantage of PhpED features, including the latest additions.
From drag and drop of the Macintosh PHP file to PHP Editor as shown on the picture
PHP IDE File On Mac and Linux
To running the PHP Debugger on Mac or Linux                      PHP debugger On Mac and Linux

One PHP IDE license for all platforms

NuSphere per-user licensing model allows our users to install purchased copy of PHP IDE on any machine, as long as there is only one user of the software. That means that you can run the same copy of PhpED on Windows and Macintosh and/or Linux and not having to purchase any additional licenses. Download the latest version of the award winning PHP IDE and run it on your favorite Operating System.

 Download NuSphere PHP IDE

Download a free trial of the fast PHP EDitor and robust Integrated Development Environment for PHP.

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Best PHP Editor and complete PHP IDE.
NuSphere PhpED 21.0 is available from our online store front.
"To be honest its bloody awesome, I have looked at loads of PHP editors and this is THE only one that actual works straight out of the box!!! Brilliant, well done."
Andrew Breward,
Director of Technology


Walk through NuSphere PhpED interface
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