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PHP IDE support for remote projects

How to setup projects using PHP and other files on remote server

Php developers using PhpED have a choice of using the files located on the same machine or on any remote server with or with out creating local copies. In case when the user choose to create local copies of the files PHP IDE provides convenient Synchronization Features. Otherwise PhpED's Project wizard will help you setup remote project as easy as any local project. PHP Debugger will also be setup by the wizard

How to setup remote project in PHP IDE?

To setup your project to use files on remote server start Project Wizard by selecting New Project and then select the option in Wizard for "All project files are on remote server too" PHP IDE For Remote Projects
Follow Wizard instructions for setting up the project. When prompted to select project's files root select any of FTP/SFTP accounts on your remote server (accounts can be setup in tools/accounts section of the IDE). For example, the image below shows selection of the project root on site: PHP IDE Remote Projects account
Once prompted to save new project select a name for it and you will see your new remote project in IDE. You can now open files in php editor as if they were local files. PHP IDE Remote Files
PHP Code intellisense, code navigator and explorer are available on remote projects the same way as on local. PHP Debugger and JavaScript Debugger are also all set to help you debugging your application code. PHP IDE Remote Code Explorer

How to try remote projects in PHP IDE for free?

You can download Free fully functional trial of PhpED with full support for remote projects, PHP Debugger, PHP Frameworks support and all other features to see how it can make coding using your files located anywhere

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