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Php Applications deployment solution

Deployment of any PHP web application as a Stand Alone Windows Desktop application w/o any changes in the code is supported in the features of PhpDock.

PhpDock combines NuSphere's powerful embedded Srv web server and browser components.
PHP Application Deployment

These features give the PHP Developers the full control over PHP Applications behavior. All of the major features listed below are explained Configuring PHP Applications and Running PHP Applications with PhpDock.

Ability to hide PhpDock brand in PHP Applications. Also known as "re-branding", this features allows the PHP developers to promote their own PHP Applications to the end users and not distract them with PHP deployment platform brand name. You can place your own title on PhpDock window and use your own icon for both system tray and application icon. Learn how to promote your own brand with PhpDock in Configuring PHP Applications

Kiosk or Full-Screen mode for PHP Applications. Ability to run PhpDock Applications in Full-Screen mode. You can invoke Kiosk mode with KioskMode=1 instruction in [Window] section of PHP Applications Configuration

PHP Application Kiosk
Pop-Up PhpDock window. Pop-Up windows created by applications running in PhpDock will be running as PhpDock windows

PHP Application Pop Up
Error handling. Ability to specify error handlers in PhpDock Configuration file

Running scripts in background. Ability to run scripts in background. Excellent way to do online updates. Learn more about it in Configuring PHP Applications

Support for Different Mime types. PhpDock supports about approx 140 file extensions and their mime types.

Turning on popup windows blocker. You can instruct PhpDock to block popup windows if desired

Learn more about these and other features in Configuring PHP Applications.

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 People say

"Utilizing PHPDock was especially convenient because it lead to the deployment of a single code base to online web servers and offline computers. Moreover, with many different online applications already written in PHP at SALTO-YOUTH, using PHP for this application allowed PHP to be retained as the single programming language."
Matthias Pigulla,
webfactory GmbH