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NuSphere PhpED 5.2 - New Features

Nusphere PhpED 5.2

The main theme for new version of NuSphere's PHP IDE is "Deliver the best PHP Code navigation tools". Recognized by thousands of PHP Developers as the most flexible PHP Editor PhpED 5.2 comes with brand new PHP Code Navigator, enhanced search and replace functionality, more of PHP Code folding, high performing PHP Debugger, now running on 15 platforms and much more.


New in PhpED 5.2

See the short summary of 5.2 navigation features Flash Demo

PHP Code Navigator. PHP Code Navigator and PHP Code explorer are the main navigation PHP Tools helping PHP developer to code much faster. In addition to the improvements in the existing PHP Code explorer PhpED 5.2 also delivers the new PHP Code Navigator tab designed to work with any open PHP file regardless of the current project.

PHP Code Explorer Tool Bar. PHP Code explorer now has its very own Tool Bar! With this new feature the user can conveniently control the display of public/private/static methods

Search and Replace for multiple lines and regular expressions. Setting the standards for PHP Editors we added the support for extended (multiple line) search/replace, including the regular expression based search. Learn more about doing the search/replace in PhpED here

PHP Editor Tools for navigation between Files. Moving between the open files is now as easy as it can be with PhpED 5.2 enhancements for files navigation.

Code Folding - now enhanced for PHP operators. PHP Code folding that was introduced in version 5.0 is now extended to support "for", "foreach", "while", "if" operators and well as the sets of similar structures - for example the set of "define" instructions. In addition to the newly added support for PHP operators, starting with the version 5.0 PHP IDE displays the collapsible regions of the code with folding marks and automatically detects and marks PHP Tags, PHP Comments, PHP Classes, Methods in PHP Classes, PHP Functions, PHP operators and allows you to mark and collapse any part of the text in the PHP Editor. Learn more about Code Folding in PhpED!

Support for Custom headers in Nu-Coder - PHP Encoder.

Embedded Mozilla browser. Added by popular demand now updated to the latest build of Mozilla

Improved Manual. As with every release we continue improving the manual, following the user's requests. In addition to providing the documentation for the new features we are determined to keep on improving the descriptions of the existing features. Mini-tutorials for many of PhpED features are also available on PHP Tools page.

Faster PHP Debugger PhpED 5.2 delivers support for 11 NEW PLATFORMS as well as significant performance boost for NuSphere's dbg - PHP Debugger. Not only it runs faster but it also runs on 18 platforms: windows/x86, windows/64bit, freebsd 6/x86, freebsd 6/x86_64, openbsd 4/x86, openbsd 4/x86_64, netbsd 3/x86, netbsd 3/x86_64, solaris 10/x86, solaris 10/x86_64, solaris 8(and higher)/sparc, solaris 8 (and higher)/ultrasparc, freebsd 4/x86, linux 2.4/x86, linux 2.6/x86, linux 2.6/x86_64, macosx/x86, macosx/powerpc.

Features introduced in previous version

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